The Institute for the Performing Arts Presents life size baby Tyrannosaurus Rex at their “Travel Through Time” Gala 

A non-profit organization, the new and upcoming Institute for the Performing Arts (IPA), held their first Gala at the Stafford Regional Airport Saturday, June 6th to announce the IPA and their traveling educational stage show “Travel Through Time” to the public.  The highlight of the evening was the introduction of Draven, a life size baby Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The evening began with an open bar cocktail reception where guests had a chance to mingle, dine on delicious hors d’oeuvres provided by Caroline Street Catering, all the while enjoying live music performed by Fredericksburg musician Shannon Peterson.

The IPA founder, Bill Carroll, then addressed the audience and explained the concept of the IPA and the stage show.  “Bringing the IPA and the stage show to life will consist of three different phases.  The first phase is to create our amazing new traveling educational stage show “Travel Through Time” which is aimed at visiting schools nationwide, along with children’s museums, expo centers and special venues. This show will educate the audience by taking them to different periods in history via a Time Portal using interactive 4D technology, incredible sound & lighting, 3D video projection and breathtaking special effects.  The second phase will be to actually have this show tour the country and the final phase is the building of the actual Institute.”

He continued “My methodology for the Institute is to develop a new approach to performing arts training, housed at a state-of-the-art higher educational institution right here in the Fredericksburg area.  Our style to creative learning is centered on a Performing Arts Teaching Network.  Students will work alongside professionals in the entertainment industry to form a partnership that works together to create a performance or stage show.  The purpose of this gala is to raise the funds to produce the stage show, the proceeds from the stage show will then be used to build and operate the school.”

He closed his speech by astounding the audience with Draven, who was patiently waiting on the tarmac ready to roar and pose for pictures with the guests.   Draven’s creator, Danielle Masterson, a personal friend of Bill Carroll, is an Emmy Nominated Special Effects Artist who brought Draven to life Saturday night.

The IPA is planning to host another fundraiser this fall which will feature local area performers. For additional information on how to contribute to the IPA or to be part of the next fundraiser, please visit our website

Right to Left: Bill Carroll, Draven and Jane Carroll
Left to Right:Bill Carroll, Draven and Jane Carroll

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New IPA Logo
New IPA Logo

IPA’s first project will be a stage show called “Travel Through Time” and will provide an unforgettable educational experience to the audience in INCREDIBLE 4D. Participants will be given the opportunity to walk among dinosaurs, journey to the North Pole or explore ancient civilizations, as selected by your time travel guide, Professor Theopolis. The educational shows stretch across centuries and brings you to destinations around the globe. Experience great journeys through the interactive shows with incredible ground-shaking sound, breathtaking lighting sequences, 3D video projection, life-size baby dinosaurs, exciting high-tech robots, amazing special effects that touches all the senses. For more information, visit

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