Why I am Running For Commonwealth’s Attorney of Spotsylvania County

As many of you know, I have decided to run for Commonwealth’s Attorney of Spotsylvania County. My decision is in response to the requests of numerous citizens and groups throughout the community and additionally I believe the role of the Commonwealth’s Attorney is to ensure justice for the community. I have been a prosecutor in the City of Fredericksburg for the last ten years where I have earned a reputation of being tough, but fair. During my time there, I have heard and seen first-hand the frustration felt by local law enforcement and the citizens of Spotsylvania County regarding the pursuit of justice by the current Commonwealth’s Attorney, Mr. Neely.  The Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of this county deserve much better. I made Spotsylvania my home and I simply want to bring dedicated service, accountability, and justice to the citizens of this great county. They deserve nothing less.

For those of you who do not know me, my father was a career law enforcement officer in Virginia and instilled a strong sense of justice in me. My father retired to Florida so I attended college at Florida State University majoring in criminology and went on to law school at the University of Miami. I then returned to Virginia where I have been a probation officer, assistant public defender, and now a prosecutor for over ten years. In all three positions, I was placed in a supervisory role within the office.

As an attorney, I have handled thousands of cases ranging from traffic violations to first degree murder. During my career as a prosecutor, I have worn many hats aside from regular duties to include supervising juvenile prosecutions, gang prosecutions, drug court prosecutions, and running a regularly sitting Special Grand Jury. Additionally, I have practiced in all of the courts of the region as a special prosecutor to include Spotsylvania County on several occasions. I have lectured for the U.S. Department of Justice, National District Attorney’s Association, Virginia State Police, Fredericksburg Police, Virginia Commonwealth Attorney’s Services Council, and the Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy.  Additionally, I am also a faculty member for the Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ Services Council’s Trial Advocacy School that teaches the newly hired prosecutors each year at the William & Mary Law School.

The last year has been very humbling for me. First, I was voted employee of the year by my co-workers, and then I was nominated for a General District Judgeship by my peers in the Fredericksburg Area Bar Association. I am honored to know that my fellow members of the bar placed that level of confidence in me.

I am very grateful, and consider myself lucky, to be a prosecutor as I get to ensure that every attempt is made to secure justice for the victims of crime. I get to fight for those who cannot and make their voices heard. Additionally, I get to ensure the safety of the citizens and businesses of the Commonwealth from future harm. I take my responsibilities to heart and feel blessed to be able to represent the citizens of the Commonwealth on a daily basis. I strive to make not only the Fredericksburg region, but the Commonwealth a safer place to live, conduct business, and to raise a family.

Speaking of family, I would be remiss if I did not mention that I consider myself very lucky to have my wonderful wife Kristin, who is a prosecutor in Stafford County, and my daughter Avery supporting me in this endeavor. As my beautiful daughter tells people “mommy and daddy fight bad guys”.

Spotsylvania deserves to have a Commonwealth’s Attorney who is involved in the community and attuned to the concerns of the citizens of the county and focused on ensuring justice and protecting this community.

I ask you now to allow me to utilize my education, abilities, and experience to serve the citizens of Spotsylvania County as your next Commonwealth’s Attorney. I can only accomplish this important task with your help and support. Please feel free to contact me at tbird4ca@gmail.com.

Travis Bird
Travis Bird
The Bird Family
The Bird Family

Media Contact:
Myandi Peterson


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